Brochures and programs designed to commemorate and market arts events have become my specialty. I design a minimum of ten programs each school year, and frequently take on additional projects as they come my way. I’ve learned to design quickly, iterate often, and get proofs on stakeholders’ desks as early as possible.


I first created this brochure in 2008, and I update the design with new features and photos each year. The distribution run is about 1,000, used to promote Malvern’s Arts Department at a variety of events.

This booklet is a companion piece to the Arts Department brochure, used to promote summer course opportunities.

Empty Bowls is a passion project. I produce a program for the event each year, in collaboration with students who take charge of marketing the event. Effectively, the students “hire” me as a designer who donates services. The branding is a student creation each year. Learn more about Empty Bowls.

Arts Festivals

Sign produced 42x30, coroplast

I design programs and signage for at least two Arts Festivals each year. In many cases, a basic student drawing or painting is selected for the design – then it’s up to me to create the layout and information design for a suite of signage and programs. In the case of this Winter Arts Festival design, I received the angel drawing as a pen-and-ink. Postcards and signage are used to invite the community to student arts events.

Click the images below to see a suite of programs for the Winter Arts Festival.

Click on image to view postcard.

Other Arts Festival promotional designs – some in collaboration with students, some solo work. Click to view full images. Each Festival was designed with its own suite of programs, postcards, and signage.

Choral Events

Collaborating on the designs for spring choral concerts each year is inspiring. I work with the choral director to investigate the concert theme, and produce a program and poster design that will be a collector’s item for the student participants.

Click on the images below to view the event programs.