A few other recent design projects. Updates periodically.

Sick Pilgrim

This little Sick Pilgrim is one of my favorite projects ever. He’s based off a drawing by Charlotte Griffith, the incredibly talented and precocious daughter of my friend, author Jessica Mesman Griffith. Jessica and her collaborator, Jonathan Ryan, created the Sick Pilgrim blog with the following mission:

We’re Catholic, but we write for those who are here in the church with us and those who are attracted to Catholicism but can’t find their way in; for those who have Catholic minds or Catholic aesthetics or Catholic hearts but remain, for whatever reason, outside the church; and for those who feel they must seek outside Catholicism to meet their spiritual needs. We want to invite people in, encourage them to look around, raid the church for treasures, and claim what’s theirs. 

The project features extraordinary reflections on what it means to be Catholic and human. I love it when Jess contacts me to design something new with the branding. I’m so excited to see where the Pilgrim heads next.

Hope Springs Newsletter

In summer 2016, I designed this newsletter for Hope Springs Equestrian Therapy, based in Chester Springs, PA. My connection to the organization came through a student and his family who have been involved with the organization for over a decade – and also from my lifelong interest in horses. When I was a teenager, I volunteered at an equestrian therapy organization in western PA, and had the chance to see the benefits first-hand.

I was able to visit Hope Springs several times to take photographs and speak with staff and volunteers. It’s a vibrant and thriving organization with a committed volunteer base, enthusiastic staff, and very sweet horses.

The Pines of My Past CD

The opportunity design a debut CD for a talented musician is nothing short of a gift. Gabe Coia is the husband of a good friend, and his music is hauntingly beautiful. The album is based on stories and locations in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. One highlight of completing this design was preparing a map that had been hand-drawn by another of Coia’s good friends so it could be printed as a foldable insert. The other highlight? Seeing my first start-to-finish CD design in its beautiful matte finish.

I love this project so much, and I treasure my copy of the album.

You can listen to the album here,

CD Front

CD Back

CD Sleeve

Map. Click to view full res.