Since 2012, I have advised the student newspaper at Malvern Preparatory School. When I accepted the position, my primary ambition was to involve my graphic design students in publication design. I never expected that student journalism would become a reinvigorating passion in my teaching career.

Our print publication circulates eight times a year on campus and to an external subscription list. The associated website, The Friar’s Lantern, started off as a student opinion blog that was moderated by the school’s communications office. We combined resources in 2012, and revamped the website over the next several years to serve as an online news publication. The newspaper and website are fully extracurricular and managed by a staff of student editors.

Alongside the staff of student editors and reporters, I have spent the last several years learning the 5Ws: WHO we publish for; WHAT is involved in advising an ethical and educational publication; WHEN I am out of my league and need to turn to the pros for help; WHERE to find resources and support; WHY the students and I find motivation in journalism  — and HOW to put it all together into a great publication. Suffice to say, it’s been and continues to be an incredible learning experience.