Since 2007, I have designed more than 25 theater programs for several schools and community theater organizations. Design services are customized for the client. I have solicited and collected advertisements, written ad copy, designed many ads to specifications, worked with student artists on the design of cover art, and taken photographs for these publications. I can also assist with promotion of theater events by creating signage and promotions based on program cover art. My portfolio of programs ranges from 16 to over 60 pages.

The most challenging and rewarding part of working with theater programs is adapting to many last-minute changes. Cast and crew lists evolve, scenes and songs add and drop, and there is always room for one more thank-you, late at night before final send-off to press. Taking pride in this work means celebrating relationships that form through regular communication during the design process.

A few of my favorite program designs are below. Please contact me for additional samples, or to discuss how I can help to create a program design for you.

It was amazing to support the production of The Laramie Project at Malvern Preparatory School. The cover art was designed in collaboration with students in my Graphic Design 1 class, most of whom had never heard about Matthew Shepard’s story prior to our project conversations in class. The school hosted Judy Shepard, Matthew’s mother, for a community conversation after the production.

The West Side Story program for Malvern Prep rang in at 56 pages – one of the longest programs for the one of the theater program’s largest casts. The student who designed the cover art also sang and danced in the production for his first time on stage, and I know that his involvement both on stage and behind the scenes was transformative. There was so much enthusiasm and excitement surrounding this show – it was truly a joy to design the program and signage.

Designing programs for The Academy of Notre Dame de Namur was my testing ground for how it would feel to be an offsite designer. Fortunately, through great communication with the producer, working on several programs for the school has been an absolute pleasure. Adapting templates and styles to work with ND’s needs helped me to make my production methods more fluent and accessible.

What was so fun about designing for Malvern’s production of A Little Hotel on the Side: Few people had ever heard of the show, an 1894 farce by Georges Feydeau! Students in my graphic design produced cover art with the intention to convey the humor and contemporary relevance of the show. I was pleased with the simplicity, clarity, and limited palette of this design – and the show was a riot.

What’s better than a familiar and uplifting Christmas story? One for which the contract leaves the branding open-ended! The logo and branding for this show was created by a student who is now pursuing Graphic Design in college. It was fun to collaborate with him on the overall style and look of this program. Because the story is so familiar, many of the ads involved requests for specific scenes and imagery from the show.

Miscast Cabaret was a fundraising event for Media Theater in Media, PA. The design connection came through a parent who saw the work I’d produced for school productions. It was fun to adapt my work for the community theater audience, to design ads for businesses and families with whom I had not previously worked, and to learn about the young actors through their biographies.

Below are some signage examples. Most of these were produced on coroplast, 40x30 or larger, for signs at the school entrance. Click to enlarge.