The websites below (and this site) represent a selection of work lovingly created on the WordPress platform. My skills in web design are fully self-taught, but, boy, am I ever stubborn when it comes to figuring out new techniques. I’m also familiar with Tumblr and Weebly, but for versatility and options, you can’t beat WordPress. I’m slowly learning to code, filling in gaps in my design knowledge as I need to do so with the help of tutorials, Google, and students willing to teach me.

Click on images to view the live sites.

The Friar’s Lantern¬†was created¬†alongside student collaborators, and is maintained by our publication staff as a news website. We have learned so much together by solving glitches in the site along the way. The site broke 50,000 hits in the 2015-16 school year.

The website for our annual Empty Bowls event got a major facelift in 2015. Students helped to figure out the new theme and design for the site.

This site, and a tutorial on how to update it, was my Christmas gift to my talented musician sister in 2015. Listen to her play on the homepage.

I created this site to document a class project. We attempted to give away handmade mugs outside a grocery store, effectively “mugging” storegoers and documenting their responses.

This site documents a student project at Harvard University. It’s a little complicated, but it involved ceramics, interviews, a lot of logistics, and a live performance of Radiolab. One of the highlights of my teaching career.¬†Read more.

The highlight of this blog of my experience at the National Council of Education in the Ceramics Arts (NCECA) was how I used to site to engage with my students while I was away at the conference. Students commented over 300 times on posts, and I was able to share the experience with them, answering questions and collecting resources while I was at the conference.