It has been a lot of fun to design print and pottery work for the weddings of several of my friends over the last few years. I’ve learned a lot about timelines, communication, and how to really get to the heart of what couples want for a special day.

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Nichole + Eric

Designing the invitations, program, and favors for my sister Nichole’s wedding to her hipster partner-in-crime Eric was a lot of fun. They both are musicians, so the theme was easy, and Nichole was fabulous with offering feedback so we could get the designs just right. I loved seeing guests walk away from the reception with several blue pots each – and in the years since, I see these pots on shelves and in use whenever I visit friends and family.

The intersecting music staff rings represented the intersecting lives of two musicians. Click to view wedding RSVP cards.

Intersecting rings on shower cake

Images of pottery created for reception

Wedding invitation. Click to view PDF.

The wedding program was especially fun to create, as it featured lots of fun information about the couple. Click to view PDF.

Nicole + Chad

For their wedding, Nicole and Chad requested favors with a very personal touch.

Both of them work with language as their medium, so the couple hand-wrote quotes that were meaningful to them. We worked together to affix these quotes as decals to 150+ bottles created for the reception. The bottles were fired three times in total to seal the text permanently.

The wedding was on the hottest day of the summer in a Quaker meetinghouse, so guests were definitely eager to get to the air-conditioned reception! Each guest left with a bottle as a favor that will keep the memory alive for thousands of years.

Scroll through the gallery to see the process.

Heather + John

For my college friend Heather’s wedding, I created a program and cup favors for the reception. The couple found each other through shared work in film production and a mutual love of music, so the program, designed like a script and score, reflected their passions.

There wasn’t anything too fancy about the porcelain tumblers, but wedding guests were able to use them for refills at the bar!

Ann + Gabe

Ann and Gabe wanted a wedding program that reflected their mutual love of the outdoors, and especially of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The front page illustration is hand-drawn, with selected quotes from the couple. They loved my design of Gabe’s CD, so I tried to carry some of that style into the program. This was a joy to design and produce.